Pitch Competition
February 16, 2022 @ ETHDenver
The MetaPod Program Launch Event is a DAO pitch competition, held during ETHDenver Buidl week, and the first IRL experience to kick off the MetaPod 6-week DAO Accelerator Pilot Program.

The pitch competition is solely for DAO and community focused projects. Winning teams are set to win up to $10,000 and be fast-tracked into the MetaPod DAO Accelerator.

- Date: Feb 16, 2022 @ 3:30pm
- Location: Woods Boss Brewery
- Max Attendees: 100
​​This is an invite only event, but there is a public area of the brewery where an afterparty will be held and some free drinks and MetaPod swag given away.

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Pilot Program
MetaPod is a hybrid accelerator program designed to onboard and accelerate new DAOs and communities into the Ethereum ecosystem via IRL events and local meetups.
MetaPod Events
We organize local IRL meetups where communities can learn, discuss and build DAOs and other Web 3 projects. We believe these experiences help to knock down barriers between people and projects to form deeper connections within communities, empowering them to generate new ideas while pushing the boundries of human coordination.
MetaPod Accelerator
Our 6-week Pilot Program is designed to help teams start, run & grow their DAOs. Strong community values and DAO-to-DAO relations are important to us. Each project that goes through the MetaPod Program receives expert advisory, training and connections to grant providers, investment groups, service guilds, and other vital resources that are all DAO operated.
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